New brochure for West Coast Wilderness Railway

West Coast Wilderness Railway Brochure 3 panels

Another major project I’ve been working on for the West Coast Wilderness Railway is a new brochure.

The previous brochure contained incomplete detail about the range of tours offered and nothing about the add-on packages and the destination overall.

The new brochure highlights all the key selling points and options available to passengers as well as information to inspire longer stays and exploration of Tasmania’s West Coast.

All that information is contained in an 8 panel DL brochure. The detailed timetable for the coming season is contained on a separate DL insert, which can be replaced with a new timetable as the seasons roll on.

My roles in the development of the brochure included developing the brief, preliminary content plan, project management, copy writing, editing, sourcing photography, preparing print specs and obtaining quotes and managing print production and distribution.

I worked with Queenstown-based graphic designer Lea Crosswell to develop the new brochure, which was printed by Foot and Playstead in Launceston. It is currently being distributed to Visitor Information Centres and Tourism Brochure Exchange outlets around the State.

New WCWR Brochure Cover DL Vertical
Front Cover of the new West Coast Wilderness Railway Brochure

Take a look at the new brochure and timetable or head over to the West Coast Wilderness Railway’s Trade Information page.





2 thoughts on “New brochure for West Coast Wilderness Railway

  1. Tasmanian Traveller says:

    This new brochure is incredibly impressive because it actually entices me back to the west coast to take a trip. Smart, intelligent and answers all the questions that anyone would want to know. So congratulations and well done.


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