Early renos at the New Town house

Through the 1990s and into the early 2000s, I gradually wrought changes. What could be improved with paint and polish was; what would ultimately be demolished and replaced when funds allowed was made as functional and attractive as possible for the time being.

Open House Hobart 2018

Thanks to the team at Open House Hobart for another great weekend of privileged access and peeks behind doors that are normally closed.

Open House Hobart 2016

The annual Open House Hobart provides the opportunity to have a good old stickybeak inside buildings that are not normaly accessible to the public.

Tasman Bridge Disaster Sculpture

Local artists Kelly Eijdenberg and Travis Tiddy of creative agency Poco People were commissioned by the Clarence City Council to commemorate the changes to Hobart’s eastern shore brought about by the 1975 Tasman Bridge disaster.