Autumn in Hobart – Fitzroy Gardens

Autumn in Fitzroy Gardens, South Hobart

No exploration of Hobart in Autumn is complete without seeing Fitzroy Gardens. After exploring the Hobart Rivulet and Cascades Gardens at this time of year, I generally return to the city via Fitizroy Gardens, possibly one of Hobart’s less-visited, or at least slightly hidden, gardens. It is tucked on the cusp of the CBD and Sandy Bay, and hemmed by traffic with the Southern Outlet on its western side and to the north by Davey Street.

Autumn in Fitzroy Gardens, South Hobart

Fitzroy Place is Hobart’s dress circle, with elegant mansions on the northern side of the Gardens, and on the south side, a few mansions in the first block give way to more suburban homes as Sandy Bay gives way to Dynnyrne (an old Hobart joke has it that those who live there ‘dyn earn’ enough for a Sandy Bay address).

The low sunshine of a late Autumn afternoon picks out the colours of the deciduous leaves and the shapes of the tree trunks and paths.

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The Gardens is in two levels, with steps leading down to a smaller but (in autumn) often spectacular section of the gardens.

Autumn in Fitzroy Gardens, South Hobart
Autumn in Fitzroy Gardens, South Hobart
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Fitzroy Gardens – Hobart City Council website

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