Feasts and celebrations

In the quarter century I have lived in my little house in New Town, it has played host to many many feasts, gatherings and celebrations and marked the changing seasons.

Finishing touches

The builder and his crew had done the major construction and fit out, but I had lots to do in planning the fitout and the final interior decoration.

The big renovation

Making the best of paint and polish is all very well, but there comes a point when it’s not enough. No amount of decorative ‘charm’ could cover the fact that the back of the house was decrepit, dark, lacking in space, cold and impractical. Time to bite the bullet and get on with some major renovations.

The gardens of New Town

The garden at New Town had been neglected for years and was overgrown with thorny prunus, long grass and mud.

25 years in New Town

Last weekend marked a quarter of a century since I moved into my home in New Town.

Christmas in summer

Does your festive decor reflect in any way the reality of a Southern Hemisphere summer Christmas, or some other aspect of your life that is important to you?

A different, and belated, souvenir

Feather dusters of all shapes and sizes – short ones for getting around bookshelves to great long ones on extendible poles for (presumably) giving one’s chandeliers a good going over, all extravagantly constructed of ostrich feathers, sufficiently long and luxurious enough to adorn the headress of a Pigale showgirl.