Ten Secret Beaches Near Hobart

Tasmania has incredible beaches and even the most popular ones are rarely crowded. Venture to the lesser-known beaches and you’re often likely to have them to yourself.

Revisiting Singapore

I’ve passed through fleetingly on numerous occasions since then, but this time I’m revisiting some old haunts. Which is not always easy, given the rapid pace of development pursued by the Lion City; more of which soon. 

Port Arthur named nation’s No 1 attraction

Along with my hard-working colleagues, I am very proud that the Port Arthur Historic Site took out two major awards at the recent Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. As well as being named Australia’s best Major Tourism Attraction, Port Arthur took the award for Heritage and Cultural Tourism. You can read more about it in this…

A different, and belated, souvenir

Feather dusters of all shapes and sizes – short ones for getting around bookshelves to great long ones on extendible poles for (presumably) giving one’s chandeliers a good going over, all extravagantly constructed of ostrich feathers, sufficiently long and luxurious enough to adorn the headress of a Pigale showgirl.