A Christmas gift for you…

It’s Christmas, and here is a little gift from me and Tracey the Tasmanian Devil (for more on her and her antipodean festive friends see this previous post) – our Christmas YouTube playlist. It offers a range of musical responses to the festive season with a wide range of attitudes and perspectives, but all of them reflecting our huge enjoyment of music of all sorts.

As Noddy Holder says, merry Christmas everybody. Stay safe and be kind to each other. And click the link below to play the tunes.

Tracey the Tassie Devil

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  1. Tasmanian traveller – Bellerive Tasmania Australia – Through travel, I have experienced the eccentricities of people and their environments around the world. At the same time, I love where I live. So, for people who cannot travel to discover the wonders of my home town, this blog is an attempt to introduce its exoticness. My goal was to walk along both sides of Hobart's Derwent River from the mouth to New Norfolk, and to walk on one or alternating sides of the River between New Norfolk and the source of the River at the southern end of Lake St Clair. The walk was undertaken in stages around my other commitments of my life. Almost all stages of the walk connected with Tasmanian public transport - my intentions was to inspire people, who do not have access to a vehicle, to feel they can replicate the walks. This blog reports on each stage in the hope it will encourage people to either follow in my steps or to create their own walking project where-ever they live. Please note: The blog background and headliner image of 'Hobart from Mt Wellington' is the work of Tourism Tasmania and Garry Moore. It is a free image with unrestricted copyright and available from http://www.tassietrade.com.au/visual_library
    Tasmanian traveller says:

    Best wishes for a safe and healthy Christmas and a happy time for the coming weeks

  2. Mappie Pyper says:

    1973? That brought back a few memories 😀

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