Modernist houses of Lindisfarne

I had the somewhat disconcerting but still enjoyable experience of being taken on a tour (on a bus!) of the suburb in which I grew up.

The tour was to look at post-war modernist houses in the Hobart eastern shore suburb of Lindisfarne, which enjoyed a period of development during this era due to the access provided by a new road bridge which opened in 1942.

The houses, according the the historian who guided us on the tour, embody a mix of post-war optimism and hope for a new modern world, with an austerity that was in part a function of the shortages of building materials following the war.

The tour was presented by Clarence City Council as part of its sequicentenary celebrations and the fabulous TMaggots, the ‘young’ friends of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

These are a few photos of some of the buildings highlighted on the tour (and the guide assured us that the residents had given their consent to be featured on the tour!)

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