Long exposure fun in New Town

I’ve been enjoying capturing twilight, blue hour and some night time shots, but living in the inner city, there is always something to obstruct the view and it’s always a bit of a hike or drive to somewhere with a bit more of a view.

A couple of weeks back I decided that there might be some fun to be had closer to home and so took myself up onto the main road near home to have a bit of long-exposure fun, and here are some of the results. It was a slightly wet night, and the moist roads give the shots a rather nice film-noir aesthetic.

I’m always amazed by the colours that the camera picks up during these long exposures at night, and also by the way that the finished shot (often resulting from the shutter being open for 15-30 seconds) looks nothing like what I imagine as I’m sitting there watching the traffic go past. The cars themselves are generally quite invisible; the only evidence of their passing is the trail of light that they leave. And by the time a few cars have passed, it’s impossible to pick the trail of any one particular vehicle.

These shots are no masterpieces, but I had some fun making them, and it did not involve venturing too far from the street where I live…

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  1. lifecatchme says:

    I always enjoy a bit of long exposure night photography.
    I was reading about our eyes, and specifically the rods and cones of our vision which work differently between day and nighttime. … A bright green wall in the day which we see will still be a bright green wall at night but which we see mostly as a grey. The wall is an inanimate object, it doesn’t change colours at night, it’s our eyes that change. … Hehe, now let’s see you hunt aurora Andrew!

    1. Isn’t the human mind a wonderful thing, T😃🙏👍

  2. I like the way the detail of plants, objects, buildings etc in the darkening day can be seen – because of the slow exposure.

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