Old and new tracks in Kingborough

This New Year’s Eve walk took me along beaches, bush tracks and suburban streets to revisit some old and familiar haunts, revisit one I’d not seen for years, and to explore a new trail at the southern end of Blackmans Bay Beach.

Kingston Beach was abuzz on this sunny Summer day so I parked a little way back from the beach besides Browns River, and walked along the foreshore to the sailing club at the southern end. The Boronia Beach track begins a little way up the street from the club carpark and provides a pleasant short walk on the headland to this hidden gem, which I’d not visited for many years.

Boronia Beach is a hidden gem around the headland from Kingston Beach only accessible via a walking track

There were a few people swimming and snorkling here, a much quieter scene than at busy cosmopolitan Kingston just around the corner. I fiddled with my newish phone camera and tried my first ‘spherical’ photograph of this pretty cove – followers of my Facebook profile can view it there. I also took a few panoramas during the day, some of which are shared here.

Boronia Beach

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a further route along to Blackmans Bay (other than possibly by rock-hopping around the foreshore); the path leads up from the beach and onto a road adjoining busy Roslyn Avenue. I considered retracing my steps and picking up my car, but decided to proceed on foot, and before too long I found myself at the Blowhole at the northern end of Blackmans Bay Beach.

Panorama view of Blackmans Bay Beach

Not as busy as Kingston, Blackmans Bay seems to attract more locals, although it boasts a couple of busy restaurants/cafes and a fish and chip shop. There were plenty of family groups picnicing and playing both on the beach and on the lawn that sits behind it, enjoying the holiday weekend.

Family fun on a holiday weekend at Blackmans Bay – and how about that umbrella!

My target for the day was the southern end of the beach, the start of the Suncoast Headlands Track, which I’d not heard of previously. Unlike the stretch from Boronia to the blowhole at Blackmans Bay, public access has been maintained along the clifftops overlooking the sea around the headland to the south of the beach, providing some spectacular views across to South Arm and Storm Bay, as well as into some of the back yards abutting the track.

The view across to South Arm from the Suncoast Headlands Track at Blackmans Bay
The view south along the Tinderbox Peninsula. Unfortunately the track does not lead as far as Fossil Cove.
Plenty of boats in Blackmans Bay, seen from near the start of the track
View to the Iron Pot and across Storm Bay from the Suncoast Headlands Track at Blackmans Bay
In addition to washing lines and swimming pools, a variety of amusements was being set up in backyards adjacent to the track, in preparation for NYE celebrations.

The track continues to a bushland area adjacent to the sewerage works, which is designated as a dog exercise area. Unfortunately the track doesn’t continue to lovely Fossil Cove, a little way further down the coast – that would require another walk along a fairly narrow road, so I chose to turn back and retrace my steps. On the way back to the car I felt I had earned some refreshment, so called in at the newly-renovated Salty Dog Hotel at Kingston Beach for a cold one. Fish and chips from one of the cafes here (my own favourite is the Corner Takaway which does fine flathead and chips) is also rarely a bad idea.


Suncoast Headland Track 

Boronia Beach Track

The Salty Dog Hotel


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  1. lifecatchme says:

    Shame the track doesn’t make it as far as Fossil Cove. Maybe in the future it will?

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