Spinning at the Springs

Regular readers may know that I am still coming to grips with the possibilities of digital photography. I’ve had my Olympus DLSR for a little over a year, and am still working my way through its various menus, options and controls. Thus, despite various forms of ‘spinning’ night photography having been popular and many of my insta-mates being highly adept at it, I had not, until this evening, tried it myself.

For those who may be even newer to this than I am, ‘spinning’ refers to twirling, or spinning, a light source, such as led lights, laser pointers or, popularly, burning steel wool which give off sparks. When photographed using long exposures, this action produces patterns of light in the resulting images.

One of those insta-mates, the lovely Carmel from Hobart Snapshot Tours, extended a very kind invitation to me and a number of other local instagrammers to join her for dinner and a spinning session at The Springs, about two-thirds of the way up Mount Wellington / kunanyi, to celebrate the launch of her new evening dinner tour and photography masterclass.

Dinner was a delicious selection of curries, ideal for a cool winters evening at high altitude, served in the stone hut at The Springs, where she had lit a roaring fire to keep the chill away. After dinner we ventured outside where she helped us with settings and then opened her ‘box of tricks’ – various spinning gadgets, lights, lasers, steel wool and ropes. We spent the next couple of hours happily playing and capturing what ever we could. I offer a few modest examples below.

It’s great fun, and if you’d like to have a go, I can recommend Carmen’s services – she’s a knowledgeable and patient teacher, and a wonderful host.

A lucky early capture of steel wool spinning
Steel wool produces wonderful trails of sparks
Spinning at the Springs
Laser spinning with trees
More steel wool spinning
Double spinning with trees
Double Spin
Carmen’s orb
Orb in the landscape
Wobbly orb

Hobart Snapshot Tours also offers personalised tour guiding and tours around Tasmania –hobartsnapshottours.com.au. You can also find Carmel on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. RuthsArc – London – Looking forward, looking back & enjoying life in Tasmania.
    RuthsArc says:

    WOW Andrew. What a fun evening. I am new to Instagram but will follow both you and Carmen with interest. Is there a regular Hobart IG get together?

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks for your kind thoughts. There aren’t regular meets, but keep an eye on accounts like Hobart and Beyond who often organise meets with a tourism focus.

      1. RuthsArc – London – Looking forward, looking back & enjoying life in Tasmania.
        RuthsArc says:

        Thanks for the tips.

    2. I look forward to meeting you at one soon:-)

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