Autumn in Hobart – Fitzroy Gardens

After exploring the Hobart Rivulet and Cascades Gardens at this time of year, I generally return to the city via Fitizroy Gardens, possibly one of Hobart’s less-visited, or at least slightly hidden, gardens.

An autumn morning in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley

Autumn is perhaps my favourite time of year in Tasmania. As the days shorten, we often enjoy warm sunny days with blue skies that set off the colours of the leaves of deciduous exotic trees.

Derwent Valley Weekend

I was recently treated to a weekend in the Derwent Valley, courtesy of good friends at Curringa Farm who were celebrating the completion of new accommodation and a function venue. They kindly put me and a number of other friends up for Friday evening, following an official afternoon opening and a very enjoyable celebration dinner…

The Turning of the Fagus

Each autumn in Tasmania a unique observance takes place. A marker of the changing seasons assumes an almost pagan mysticism as flocks of goretexed pilgrims make their way to a handful of sub-alpine locations around the state to see the Turning of the Fagus.

The hidden charms of Bushy Park

…cool nights signal a chemical change in the leaves of poplars planted as windbreaks on paddocks of rich soil as well as other magnificent oaks, elms and other deciduous exotics…