An autumn morning in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley

Autumn is perhaps my favourite time of year in Tasmania. As the days shorten, we often enjoy warm sunny days with blue skies that set off the colours of the leaves of deciduous exotic trees. Arranged by our lakes and rivers and in parks and gardens, these colonial imports add their spectacle to the season.

One of the best places to see autumn leaves turning is the banks and gardens that line the River Derwent from New Norfolk up to the lower reaches of the Central Highlands. I set off one morning a few weeks ago to see what I could find, and the first thing I found was the fog in the valley, the infamous Bridgewater Jerry. It doesn’t always reach Hobart, which was clear and sunny, but by the time I passed through New Norfolk on the way to Bushy Park, visibility was down to a few metres along the road.

  • The River Derwent at Bushy Park under a Bridgewater Jerry fog

A little further up the road at Fentonbury, the sun came out.

At Lake Meadowbank there was a bit of haze left to catch the low sunlight.

On the way back, these horses were enjoying the morning.

The Esplanade at New Norfolk was putting on one of the best shows around.

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