Whizz-bangs, fizz-pops and the fun of nighttime photography

As regular readers will be aware, I’ve only recently bought myself a decent digital SLR camera in the past few months, and have very much been learning about photography all over again, despite having been a keen photographer in the film-and-paper  days, since I was a young thing.

Especially exciting has been the chance to break out the old tripod (purchased as far back as 1984 but sadly little used in all that time) and play around with and learn about low light and long exposure photography.

In this, I have been inspired by friends and fellow Instagrammers like Paul @lovethywalrus, Theresa @lifecatchme, Kate @loves_laughs, Dietmar @lake_of_tranquility and many more – go look them up on Instagram.

Being a bit lazy, and with summers in Tasmania meaning that sunrise is very early and sunset is quite late, I’ve not gotten out very much to catch the night skies. But over recent days I’ve made an effort, and visited Hobart’s Eastern shore for a twilight view of the city and mountain, and a few nights later headed down to Hobart’s waterfront where a fireworks display was laid on courtesy of a visiting cruise ship.

I’m still learning about this, so these modest examples don’t live up to the standards of other local ‘grammers, but I’m having fun trying out different things to see what works.

Hope you enjoy!

Twilight over Hobart and Mount Wellington from Howrah Beach
Twilight over Hobart and Mount Wellington from Howrah Beach
Sunset over Mount Nelson from Howrah Beach
Hobart and Mount Wellington / kunanyi from Howrah
Hobart by night from Rosny Hill
Hobart’s waterfront from Rosny Hill
The Tasman Bridge over the River Derwent at Hobart from Rosny Hill

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnOiARZAQII?rel=0]