Asian civilisations celebrated in Singapore

Today’s find was the Museum of Asian Civilisation, new since I was living here. It is a treasure trove of artefacts telling the complex story of the development and evolution of the regions people’s, cultures and religions using religious art, sculpture, bronzes, jewellery, crafts and textiles.

I, like many others, have been captivated by even the mass produced fabrics sold to tourists throughout the region – I can rarely resist coming home without another sarong for my collection. Magnificent historic samples of handmade originals are on display, along with many examples of Bhuddist, Hindu and Islamic art alongside the jewellery, silver and costume of the many tribal groups of the islands.

It is a big story and the museum is currently being expanded so expect to see even more of this amazing collection in future. The museum nerds and textile fans among you may also like to know there is a small but fascinating museum in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to the many forms of Malay fabric weaving and design.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the Little India and Arab quarters if the city.

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