Singapore to Malacca

Bus trip from Singapore to Malacca today. About a third of the five hours the trip took (the distance is less than 300km) was spent traversing the island and then queuing for passport control on the Singapore side of the causeway. Immigration into Malaysia was accomplished in moments.

Since I last visited Malacca the historic heart of the city has had World Heritage status bestowed upon it. I am still considering my thoughts on how it is wearing the honour. Needless to say, the changes have not all been positive.

Sign over the ‘Golden Mile’ complex on East Coast Road, Singapore
Fountain at roadside stop in southern Malaysia
Afternoon on the Malacca River
One of the UNESCO World Heritage listed buildings, complete with trishaws
Colourful tuk-tuks, Malacca. Wait until you see them at night!
Of course there is a bazaar in front of the heritage buildings. it’s traditional, everywhere from the Pyramids at Giza down.
Checking the merchandise
Jonker Street in the old Straits Chinese or Peranakan area.
Illuminated tuk-tuk, Malacca, Malaysia
In addition to being bright enough to be visible from the moon, they blast a constant stream of pop music very loudly